Types Of Buses Available to Rent In Oklahoma

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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

coworkers Team Outing

Example #1:

A group of 20 coworkers at an accounting firm in Tulsa are planning a team outing to celebrate the end of tax season. Their manager decides to book a charter bus rental for a day trip to see some of the top attractions in the city. She rents a 25 passenger charter bus for 8 hours, picking them up at their office downtown at 9 AM and dropping them back off at 5 PM. Some of the stops include the Gathering Place, the Tulsa Zoo, and lunch at a local restaurant. The 8 hour charter bus rental costs $1,650 total. With the 20 person group, this comes out to only $82 per person for a full day of transportation around Tulsa with no need to worry about driving or parking. The manager tips the driver 10% at the end of the trip, bringing the total cost to $1,815. Renting the charter bus provides a fun, safe and affordable way for the team to celebrate their hard work while seeing the sights of Tulsa.

Office Outing to Celebrate

Example #2:

A group of 45 accountants at Smith & Johnson Accounting in downtown Tulsa are planning an office outing to celebrate finishing tax season. Their manager books an 8-hour charter bus rental from ABC Bus Company for a city tour. The 55-passenger charter bus picks up the group at 9AM from the firm’s 12-story highrise. Some of the stops include feeding giraffes at the Tulsa Zoo, playing lawn games at the Gathering Place park, and having lunch at The Tavern, a local burger joint. At 5PM, the bus drops them back off at the office. The base 8-hour rental fee is $1,650. Split among the 45 attendees, it comes out to $82 per person. The manager adds a 10% tip on top of the base rental fee, bringing the total trip cost to $1,815. Renting the charter bus provides a safe, convenient way for the team to celebrate their hard work while bonding over Tulsa’s top attractions.

Sport Team an Away Game Tournament

Example #3:

A women’s soccer team at the University of Tulsa is traveling for an away game tournament in Oklahoma City. The coach rents a charter bus to transport the players and staff comfortably and safely. She books a 40 passenger bus for the 90 mile trip. The bus picks up the 25 player team and 5 coaches/staff at the university’s athletic center at 7AM on Saturday. During the 1.5 hour ride, the players rest and mentally prepare for their games while the coaches review strategy. The bus stays with the team for the day, providing transportation between their 2 games at different fields. It brings them back to Tulsa after their last game ends at 6PM. The 10 hour rental costs $1,100. Split among the 30 people, it’s only $37 per person roundtrip. Much cheaper than individual transportation, parking fees, and gas.

Boy Scouts Three Day Camping Trip

Example #4:

A local Boy Scouts troop is headed to Camp Enoch for a 3-day camping trip an hour outside Tulsa. The troop leader rents a charter bus to transport the scouts, adult chaperones, and all their gear. She books a 45 passenger bus for the roundtrip plus any side trips during their stay. The bus picks up the group of 40 scouts and adults early Saturday morning from the troop’s meeting hall, loads their luggage and camping supplies, and departs for Camp Enoch. During their stay, the bus provides transportation for hikes, rock climbing, and other activities. On Monday it brings them back to Tulsa by noon. The 3 day charter rental costs $2,800 total. Split among the travelers, it’s only $70 per person for transportation to and from camp. Much easier than many individual cars caravanning or towing trailers.

Retirement Community Weekend Trip

Example #5:

A retirement community center in Tulsa is planning a weekend trip to Winstar Casino & Resort in Oklahoma. The activities director rents a deluxe charter bus to comfortably transport the 45 residents signed up. The 50 passenger coach bus picks them up Saturday morning with space below to load luggage and mobility equipment. During the 2 hour drive, the seniors enjoy taking in the scenery from their spacious reclining seats with footrests. Once at Winstar, the bus remains on call over the weekend for any required transportation needs. On Sunday it brings them all back to the retirement community by dinner time. The weekend rental costs $2,100 total or just $47 per person roundtrip, making this affordable weekend getaway possible.

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